2-Way-SMS - Receive SMS from your clients

SMS Marketing does not only allow you to send sms, but it also allows you to receive responces via SMS too. Users can send replies either to Premium Short Codes or to normal GSM phone numbers. Either way has advantages and disadvantages, so we will analyze them below

Premium SMS - Users send SMS to a Premium Shortcode

Shortcodes are normally used on Tv and Radio for televoting, quiz, instant win e.t.c

Shortcodes are easy to remember

  • Short codes often offer revenue for the person who is driving the traffic. Premium numbers offer different charges depending on they charginh zone they belong to. Shortcodes with the following values can be found in many countries 0,25€/sms - 0,50€/sms - 0,75/sms - 1€/sms - 1,2€/sms - 3€/sms.

  • Shortcodes often provide revenue if high value numbers are used

  • Short Codes work with keywordsstrong>You will need to choose a 2-3 letter keyword when implementing a premiunm sms service. Your users will have to write this keyword in front of their SMS in order for the sms company to now that this sms belongs to you

Create your own premium SMS service on Short codes

Sim Hosting - Users send SMS to a normal GSM number hosted on a GSM Modem

- SIM card Hosting is normally used by companies and organisations internally. It can be used for realtime orders, data aquisition e.t.c

  • Sender is only charged with the cost of a simple SMS

  • If you have a dedicated SIM then your users will not have to use a keyword in their SMS

Get your own sim card hosted in our data center

Use 2 Way SMS Services in order to create phonenumber lists that you can market later

Any business can take advantage of 2 Way SMS, in order to create better relation with their customers