SMS Effectiveness , Why are SMS so effective?

It is not by chance that SMS communication has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. The number of SMS messages sent over a month’s period between consumers amounts to billions, while its use in the business world as a new means of communication is continuously increasing, used along with traditional corporate promotional strategies. Everyday, more and more companies acknowledge the advantages it provides and do not hesitate to adopt it.

Bulk SMS is a cheap way of mass communication

SMS messaging is the most efficient, in terms of cost and time, way of communication. The message is sent with lower cost and in much less time than it would be needed, for example, just to send our voice to the other end of the telephone line. This is also the case when we want to send a large number of messages simultaneously to many users, either manually or automatically.

SMS Marketing requires less resources

SMS Marketing requires less resources for the same volume of communication, compared to other means, such as telephone, fax, email, or posting letters.

Mobile phone penetration is so high that everybody has a mobile phone these days

There are seven-times more mobile-phone subscribers compared to internet subscribers. More people are now able to communicate via SMS than, for example, through fax or email. Dont forget that message recipients are able to receive messages and respond no matter where they may be.

SMS is the only mean of mass communication that allows direct message reception, as if it was a real face to face conversation between two parties. Another point is the ease of applying the SMS technology. Without exaggerating, there is no need for additional equipment to be installed in order for the service to function with the ease and speed of a fax or an email message.

Communicate only what is important

SMS Being only 160 characters must by definition be short and meaningfull. Who would not be impressed by a direct and small-in-length message that would not disturb him with irrelevant and superficial information, but would instead focus directly to the point?

SMS can be personalized offering higher responses

SMS can become personal, and unique, reflecting individual needs, meeting different client demands. It is this exact characteristic that differentiates SMS from pther means of mass communication

It is the only kind of advertisement that targets each and every recipient as a unit!!

Send personalised SMS for higher responses