Professional uses of SMS, who does it apply to?

Mobile phone devices as a new channel of communication may supplement the marketing mix of any corporation with considerable effectiveness! Below you can see some real examples!!!

To whom does it apply?

Groups / organizations / communities / associations / political parties – Sending of Bulk SMS in this case can prove to be very helpful when we want to:

  • send greetings

  • notify for meetings or gatherings

  • immediately inform members / customers for special offers

Entertainment venues, such as cinemas, cafeterias, clubs or restaurants - Message recipients may be informed through a really attractive way about:

  • film premieres

  • parties, events, special occasions

  • availability of special event invitations

Banks / financial / insurance companies – Only some of the multiple applications of SMS messaging in these areas may cover the need for continuous communication and information, on matters like:

  • changes in interest rates

  • stock-price index changes

  • current portfolios

  • current stock prices

Any type of company that wants to communicate in a targeted, affordable and quick way of communication

Every company can benefit from SMS services for all the reasons mentioned above. However, the most important advantage of bulk SMS sending is the fact that, when sent, there is no chance that they will not be read. SMS messages are not like newspaper or magazine ads, which are passed-by hardly being noticed. They do not resemble the least with leaflets found in our doorstep, which we usually throw away and most likely end up in garbage. On the contrary, they are a unique, fast, reliable and direct way of communication.