How to send Bulk SMS

There is no doubt that communication is the most profound and distinguished human activity that has been the driving force behind the development of today’s relevant technology. More particularly, this technology was introduced in 1845 with the invention of the telegraph, and continued with the invention of the telephone in 1875. It took about a hundred years for the number of telephone users to reach one billion. Mobile telephony, on the other hand, which appeared at the beginning of the 1990’s, is estimated to have taken only 15 years from its infancy to reach the same number of users. This did not happen by chance, since it was the first time that communication has become mobile, unrestricted and without limits in time or space.

SMS, in particular, is an inseparable mobile telephony service, using the technology that enables users to send and receive text messages through their mobile phones –a means of absolute and direct personal communication. The service is characterized, among other things, by high efficiency, low cost, broad coverage, direct delivery, discretion, as well as easy installation and reliability. Without doubt, it is intended to every corporation, company or individual, who has ONLY basic knowledge of computer use, as it is an intelligent, fast, personal and cheap communication tool

What are the best practices when it comes to send SMS?

SMS can be sent in a variety of ways depending on the project at hand. Please use appropriately for best results.

Send Bulk SMS to a large group of people for alerts, notification or advertising - If you need to send SMS to large groups of people, you will need to use an online Web to SMS Service. It is an online service that you can use directly from the internet. You will be able to import your contacts, write your message and send it. At the end you will get delivery report for every SMS attempted so you will know exactly who received your message

Send SMS automatically from web sites or applications e.g. when there is an order on an e-shop – This can be accomplished in 2 different ways. You could either use an SMS HTTP API, or use an Email to SMS Service. You will get exactly the same result using any of this methods. All depends on how is your environment set up.

  • Send SMS with HTTP API – SMS HTTP API to connect your websites or application with an SMS Gateway so you can send SMS to any phonenumber directly from your code. Programming skills are required.

  • Email to SMS – Email to SMS Service will convert your emails to SMS and deliver them to recipients mobile phone. It is the easiest way to SMS enable CRM, ERP, monitoring systems and generally any system that is able to send mail alerts and reports.

Send high Volumes of SMS – If you dont have prior experience in sending large volumes of SMS it is better to seek help from a company experienced in SMS services so they can help you. The best way to send high volumes of SMS is using the SMPP protocol. Ofcourse you will need a connection to some SMSC

- Birthday SMS - Send automated SMS wishes on birthdays or other occasions – Birthday SMS is the easiest way to manage automatic SMS wishes for your contact .