What is SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a new way to market products or services where SMS and the mobile phone are used as the medium for communication. People also refer to it as Text message Marketing or SMS Mobile Marketing. It can be used with great success in order to provide customers with time and location sensitive information It can also be personalized in which case provides higher conversion rates.

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Advantages of SMS Marketing

The use of SMS marketing in a company’s marketing mix allows the direct and personal contact with clients, introducing a new, powerful communication tool.

  • It is direct and personal

  • It allows you to establish a conversation with your clients

  • It allows you to develop customer profiles

  • Your costumers perceive it as a modern way of communication

  • It offers real-time campaigns. When sending a message, you have an immediate result.

  • SMS Marketing allows you to get feedback from your clients, with the use of simple mobile phone numbers, or with the use of 4-digit numbers that can easily supplement the already-existing advertising campaigns

  • SMS Marketing also supplements effectively other promotional methods, such as TV, radio and press advertising

  • Your clients may wish to communicate with you via SMS rather than telephone, since it is faster

  • It reduces the promotional and advertising costs and your customers may respond by using a 4-digit premium-cost number

  • SMS Marketing can be very targeted and lead to a big response rates

  • SMS can be personalised in order to offer even higher response rates

SMS Marketing as a part of the Marketing Mix of a company

SMS Marketing can nicely compliment other forms of advertising as it allows direct communication with customers, while at the same time it is very efficient as a communication tool

  • It is real and it happens now

  • It is not used as a separate channel of communication, but as part of the marketing mix

  • Mobile phones are personal devices

  • Mobile phone advertising is considered differently by users, compared to other means of communication

  • Mobile phones can be used as a tool for dialogue with your clients, or simply as a product’s promotional tool

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Statistics about the use of mobile phones and users attitude

  • Mobile phones compared to computers are 10 to 1

  • Much more SMS than emails are sent daily

  • 94% of daily-sent SMS messages are being read, out of which 75% are being read immediately

  • 66% of mobile-phone users tend to remember SMS promotional campaigns

  • 36% of them accept that they are willing to make a purchase of items about which they were informed through SMS